What is AVREye?

AVREye (pronounced Aver Eye) is an innovative vision screening application created by FaceConnect LLC. FaceConnect has consulted with ophthalmologists, researched, designed and developed the AVREye, an Augmented / Virtual Reality based vision screening and diagnostics application.
AVREye is designed to test for various refractive, macular and retinal issues in a comfortable Virtual Reality environment. For the first time, ophthalmologists will have a set of a portable diagnostic tools to study response times of the pupil to better understand the correlations in Neuro-Ophthalmic pathologies. AVREye enables physicians to study the correlation between various maladies and the state of the eyes. One of the direct outcomes of this effect is designing of custom made 3D printable lenses.
FaceConnect is in the process of filing several patents for the technologies that drive AVREye.

How Does it Work?

A Head Mounted Device with cameras and sensors constantly record the state of the eye: the pupil, the lens and the opacity/transparency of cornea, lens and the vitreous humor.
As each test is administered, both voluntary and involuntary responses are recorded. The information is pre-processed for consistency and security. Then it is sent over to cloud based analytical engine. The data is processed in real time and a report is generated for the physician to peruse. The doctor can agree or disagree with the report. The doctor’s response is recorded in order to improve during the next iteration.
The user interacts with AVREye verbally and visually to reduce the tedium involving the patient data entry and retrieval.
Each test is administered after insuring the patient is in a comfortable position and state.
The methods of testing range from the traditional methods of eye evaluation viz. Showing of static images and gathering the patient response to the reflex/deliberate reaction of the patient to a game or a video clip.
FaceConnect plans to physicians and research institutions to access the data generated by AVREye for their own research.

A New Paradigm in Vision Testing


    AVREye can be deployed on off-the-shelf VR head mounted Devices (HMD's)that can house a VR enabled smart phone, or that can be tethered to a personal computer or the emerging standalone VR HMMD's . AVREye will be bundled with any of these HMD's and compatible sensor packs that fit into the HMD's. Caliberation is done automatically with minimal user input requirements.Here is a partial list of HMD's that AVREye is being made compatible with:

    HTC Vive

    Pro Oculus Rift/Go/Quest

    Fove VR

    In order to maximise the performance of the device, AVREye is working on its proprietary stand-alone Large Field of Vision (170' horizontal and 130' Vertical FOV) HMD.


    AVREye will be made available on all major VR app hosting stores including Google Play, Windows, Amazon etc. AVREye is a diagnostics tool. Hence it is designed to act as a phoropter, Auto Refractor, image various components of the eye, including recording eye movements, pupil locations and dimensions, peripheral vision etc. The subscribing physician has access to the raw and analytical reports of her patients.

    For the 1st time doctors will have an ability to do an in-depth analysis of accommodation of light, response times and other neuro-ophthalmic related issues. AVREye is designed to further research in ophthalmology, by giving an unprecedented insight into vision itself.


    AVREye will undergo extensive testing for test design, accuracy and repeatability under the supervision of ophthalmologists prior to going for clinical trials and FDA certification. AVREye will be evaluated for more than 1000 patients for each of the tests.

AVREye Pilot Program

AVREye Timeline



Begins Market study

FaceConnect Begins Market study for VR based Ophthalmological Devices



Test Design Phase 1

Analogous Test Designs for Visual Acuity, Perimetry, Refractive Errors, Color Blindness



Code Development for Visual Acuity and Color Blindness




Capital Injection of USD 28,000 for Infrastructure, IT



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